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Public Schools for Sale?


“Public education is becoming big business as bankers, hedge fund managers and private equity investors are entering what they consider to be an “emerging market.” As Rupert Murdoch put it after purchasing an education technology company, “When it comes to K through 12 education, we see a $500 billion sector in the US alone.”

Education historian Diane Ravitch says the privatization of public education has to stop. As assistant secretary of education under President George H.W. Bush, she was an advocate of school choice and charter schools; under George W. Bush, she supported the No Child Left Behind initiative. But after careful investigation, she changed her mind, and has become, according to Salon, “the nation’s highest profile opponent” of charter-based education.”

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Public Schools for Sale? from on Vimeo.

 Charlotte Danielson on Teacher Evaluation


REQUIRING STOCK EPINEPHRINE IN SCHOOLS: A-304 (Russo, Rumana, Caride, Cassagrande) – This bill would require schools to maintain a supply of stock epinephrine via a prefilled auto-injector and to allow school nurses and voluntary, trained designees to administer it to students, with previously unknown allergies, who are experiencing an anaphylactic reaction.

  • POSITION: Support
  • ACTION: Released from Assembly Education Committee
  • STATUS: 2nd Reading in Assembly

PANIC ALARMS IN SCHOOLS: A-373 (Caputo, Diegnan, Tucker) – This legislation would require public schools in New Jersey to be equipped with panic alarms and red emergency lights for use in school security emergencies. The bill also requires that a red emergency light be affixed to the exterior of all public school buildings in a highly visible location above or near the front entrance visible from the nearest public roadway.

  • POSITION: Support
  • ACTION: Released from Assembly Education Committee
  • STATUS: 2nd Reading in Assembly

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN EMPLOYEES AND STUDENTS: A-1429 (Caride) This bill would require school districts to adopt a written policy regarding electronic communications between school employees and students within 120 days after the bill’s enactment.  The school policy must include guidelines to prevent improper communications between school employees and students made via e-mail, cell phones, social networking websites, and other Internet-based social media.

EMERGENCY SCHOOL NURSE SERVICES FOR PRESCHOOLERS: A-1476 (Diegnan) – This bill would expand the current law, which allows public school nurses to provide nursing services to K-12 students, to include emergency services to preschool students.  By extending the law to preschool students in emergency situations, school nurses will have a clear directive in addressing medical emergencies.

EDUCATIONAL ADEQUACY REPORT:  ACR-118 (Diegnan) – This legislation notifies the governor that the Legislature does not accept his school funding recommendations for at-risk and bilingual students, as reported in his administration’s Educational Adequacy Report.  A similar concurrent resolution was passed by both houses in the last legislative session, but to date, the Legislature has not received a response or revised report, as was directed by the resolution.

  • POSITION:  Support
  • ACTION:  Released from Assembly Education Committee
  • STATUS:  Second Reading in the Assembly
  • BILL TEXT: Not yet available online (BKB)

ESTABLISHES PROCEDURES FOR APPROVAL OF SCHOOL CLOSURE:  A-2216 (Watson-Coleman, Jasey, Giblin) – This bill codifies regulations to require a school board, in all districts, to approve the closure of a public school prior to the Commissioner of Education’s final decision.

CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION MONTH:  AR-74 (Prieto, Diegnan) – This resolution designates the month of February 2014 as “Career and Technical Education Month” in New Jersey to recognize and promote the educational, economic, and societal benefits that career and technical education provides to the State.


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